ACR Teases With $50M GTD PKO Series Starting September

It is currently the most popular tournament format and for Americas CardRoom players next month will see 50million reasons to brush up on their Progressive KnockOut skills…

By: Andrew Burnett

The $50,000,000 GTD MOMOMO PKO Tournament Series kicks off on September 9th and promises 7 weeks of PKO action – including the largest single PKO tournament in the history of the game.

Carnage on the Cards

The $5million GTD Carnage Main Event will likely prove to be just that as players vie to headhunt their fellow challengers for the crown – those all-important bounty payments.

If that sounds tempting, but you’ve no idea what a PKO is or how the Bounty system works, here’s a quick rundown…

How Progressive Knockout Tournaments Work

Say you enter a $20 Progressive Knockout Tournament (PKO). Half of that buy-in, $10, goes into a Regular prizepool. The other $10 goes towards the Bounty payments – each player starting with that sum on their head.

Knock someone out and you win $5 of that bounty, while the other $5 is now added to your head. That means you’re a wanted player, a $15 Bounty on your head.

If someone takes you out, they win an immediate $7.50 and the other $7.50 gets added to their head.

And so it goes on, all the way to the deep stages of the tournament where Bounty payments can sometimes amount to more than the regular prizemoney!

Schedule and more details Coming Soon

The OSS Series is still in full swing on ACR just now, so there’s plenty of time to get in some PKO practice, and you’ll spot the tournaments in the lobby easily enough – just look for the Bullseye symbol.


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