Wiktor Malinowski Scoops $½million Pot with 7 2 on Natural8

Highstakes beast Wiktor Limitless Malinowski was at it again this week, grabbing a $½million pot with a lowly seven-deuce suited just a week after his record-breaking win on the Natural8 VIP tables.

By: Andrew Burnett

The nosebleed pros and multi-millionaire businessmen have been replicating some of the missing Macau highstakes action games recently on Natural8.

That resulted in Malinowski scooping a $842,438 pot last week – his pocket aces holding up against Australian Michael Addamo’s pocket kings.

That smashed the No Limit Hold’em record online pot that had stood for over a decade by more than $100k, but incredibly it was shattered again just days later by Ali Imsirovic who scooped a monster $974,631 pot.

As for Malinowski’s $½million 7-2, the player on the receiving end was former Collegiate runner Chris Brewer, a regular at the highstakes online tables.

The blind-on-blind battle saw $5k in the middle straight away, the stakes a huge $500/$1000 with Imsirovic in the $2k ‘third blind’ straddle.

Here’s how the hand broke down, Brewer paying off a rather unlikely - and for him unfortunate - Malinowski river spike..

Malinowski is making a real name for himself, his Limitless account evoking memories of the old Isildur1 anonymous years that would see him seeking action at every opportunity.

The poker public seem enthralled by the huge Natural8 games and the following Twitter exchange is becoming typical…

‘Absolut boss to do this kind of shit at highest games of the year. Limitless is the nuts’ - @munteanu1895

‘No it’s not. This is a gambling addiction. Fold pre you degenerate’ - @mikerizz33

Fold pre isn’t the way to keep your seat in the VIP games, of course, and we can expect more of the same crazy action over the next few weeks – but the biggest question is, will that $1million online NLHE barrier be broken?


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