Mike McDonald Looks Certain to Win $200,000 Basketball Prop Bet

Canadian high stakes poker star Mike McDonald looks certain to win his $200,000 prop bet to shoot 90/100 free throws on a basketball court by the end of the year. His recent posts on Twitter confirm that he is already close to victory with more than four months until the deadline.

By: Mark Patrickson

Out of the Blue

Almost nobody thought that this was a sensible bet to make for such a sum. High stakes players are well-known for their originality when it comes to side bets, but this one looked a bit of a stretch.

For starters, you only have to take a look at the all-time records for a free throw to discover that only three men in history have ever achieved such a feat.

It is arguable that the pressure of the situation and noise of the crowd has an effect but we’re talking about professional sportsmen and all-time greats. Was McDonald himself ever confident?

Out of Shape

As if the skill component of the bet wasn’t tough enough it was also pointed out that physical fitness is an issue to be aware of.

Aaron Jones, another high stakes poker player with a sport betting background, tweeted a video showing McDonald seemingly well out of shape earlier in the year.

It also must be unnerving to know that only three men in history have a career free throw success rate over 90% - Steph Curry, Steve Nash, and Mark Price.

Yet here we find ourselves only five months later and McDonald is almost ready to collect his $200,000.

In this tweet he finds it funny to say he choked at the death sinking only 89/100.

Some might think a little cocky but here he is talking about using his weak hand to throw the last shot for some tension but he clearly won’t do that now.

"I actually decided the other day that just to flex I'd spend a few days shooting right handed so that when I was 89/99 I could switch to right-handed and melt faces on the 100th. Took a dozen practice shots and it was so comically difficult I snap-abandoned that plan.”

We wonder if when he wins this challenge, and surely it is when and not if, he will do something insane and try to challenge the world record.

He’s put in so much effort already and with a proper coach helping him there’s no knowing where this prop bet might run to.

The world record is 209 three pointers in a row set in 1996 by then 60-year-old Fred Newman. An amateur basketball coach from California.


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