Mike McDonald Wins Free Throw Basketball Bet For $200,000

Mike Timex McDonald has won his insane basketball free throw prop bet. The Canadian claimed his victory last night but one guy who took $15,000 worth of action wasn’t so quick to concede.

By: Mark Patrickson

It turns out that McDonald didn’t do all of the 90 successful throws in a single session, even if he did continue his 100 throws maximum without any practice in between.

Nick Schulman wasn’t happy with this and tested the water in poker Twitter to see what everyone else thought.

As we reported recently, Aaron Jones brought up the question of physical fitness affecting throwing form over a long period. McDonald clearly looked as if he was struggling back in April when the bet was made.

Is it fair to have a night off before going for gold fully refreshed?

More than Picky

To give some background on how committed McDonald has been throughout this challenge, he lives a three hour drive from an organised basketball court. This community gym is obviously busy and he has limited time to practice before having to give way.

The “winning” session came to a halt with 56/61 throws being successful.

“I was 56/61 and my time on the court ran out. What are people's thoughts on whether I should be able to resume in 30 minutes once a (different) court frees up?”

The argument on Twitter was between the rest helping form or breaking his rhythm. Both are valid points of view and neither can be proven.

McDonald said: “I told people that breaks are allowed. I’m guessing people are going to be pissed off at me if this is deemed my win. If this was December 10, I would be arguing that this is a win and I don’t think there’d be much of a case against it.”

After much grumbling and pressure from poker Twitter Schulman decided he didn’t want to argue any longer and conceded.

In the End it Didn’t Matter

Not wanting to leave such a great challenge with a cloud hanging over it, McDonald took it upon himself to drive to the court once more and sink the 90 throws without any break, which he did successfully.

The fans were saying that the haters can’t say anything now but McDonald felt that they would find a way.

"The first one was easy with no fatigue"

"The second one was easy with no money on the line"

This has to be the most publicised prop bet by a poker player in a long time. Many thought he had no chance whatsoever given that only three players in history have such a free throw record.

They probably missed the fact that the world record of 209 consecutive throws was set by a guy in his sixties 24 years ago.

We look forward to seeing what crazy bet McDonald comes up with next.


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