PokerStars New App Debuts for UK Players

PokerStars has debuted their new app for UK-based players after a successful trial across the US market, Denmark, and Romania. This upgrade comes at a time when all major sites are focussing on their mobile/tablet services to keep up with the modern world.

By: Mark Patrickson

The initial roll out was in the Danish market all the way back in February 2019. More than 18-months of development, taking on board customer feedback, looks to have come up with a finished product that the bosses are happy with.


The upgraded product includes features such as optional biometrics log-in, with fingerprints and facial recognition.

The user-interface has been smoothed out to give players the best experience possible in 2020.

PokerStars need to be on their game with this because partypoker have worked wonders with their product, recently upgrading the MTT interface to allow portrait mode usability so players can play on the move using only one hand.

This is the world we live in now. People want to be able to multitask or just generally get bored and unfocussed with a single activity.

Special focus has been paid for the new graphics with high standards expected now across the industry. The focus towards recreational players is aimed at attracting as many new grinders as possible while competing with esports where the visual experience can be quite incredible.

While pros just want a clean interface ideal for multi-tabling, the visual experience is important for attracting new players. It’s a major part of the marketing. Nobody wants to try out a game that looks dry and uninteresting.

We await news on who will be next to come up with a groundbreaking mobile/tablet app. It is important the major operators keep pushing each other for the good of the game in the future.


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