$50million MOMOMO PKO Series Set to Start on ACR

There will be MOMOMO money up for grabs than ever before on Americas CardRoom as their $50million GTD PKO Tournament kicks off next week, with wave after wave of Bounty-hunting action coming your way…

By: Andrew Burnett

That massive guaranteed schedule will see 500+ Progressive Knock Out tournaments on the menu, with each and every Sunday offering up a $1million GTD biggie – and a $5million GTD Venom PKO to top it all off.

Let’s take a closer look at what the highlights of the 7-week series are likely to be in more detail:

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Buy-ins, Bankrolls and Bounties

First up, you need to know that there are buy-ins to suit every bankroll, and games to suit every taste.

Fancy a $1.65 8-Max Fast tournament? Not a problem! How about 6Max PLO8 around the $20 buy-in mark? Sure, that’s on the table for $16.50, here’s your change.

$100 NLHE for players fancying a challenge, $630 buy-ins for the big boys and girls, and the Super High Rollers get their own $1050 and bigger tournaments!

Hypers, Turbos, Rebuys and the intriguingly-named Survival events are all on the schedule, and they are all in the super-popular PKO format.

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Weekly $1million Main Events

Seven weeks would be a long time to wait for a $1million series finale, so ACR have decided to throw one in every Sunday! That’s six throughout the series and here are the dates for your calendar:

  • September 13th, 20th, 27th
  • October 4th, 11th, 18th

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$5million GTD Venom PKO Main Event

If you are wondering how big the Bounties will be towards the deep end of a $1million GTD tournament, imagine them at least 5x that size.

That’s what players will be chasing in the biggest PKO that online poker has ever witnessed, and if previous Venoms are anything to go by then that prizepool could become substantially bigger!

Last month’s $7million GTD OSS Venom pulled in close to $10million by the time late registration closed, and the winner and runner-up both walked off as millionaires.

A PKO Venom is the stuff dreams are made of, with Bounties amounting to tens of thousands of dollars at the deep end!

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If PKOs are new to you, or you just need a reminder, here’s all you need to know…

How Progressive Knockout Tournaments Work

Say you enter a $20 Progressive Knockout Tournament (PKO). Half of that buy-in, $10, goes into a Regular prizepool. The other $10 goes towards the Bounty payments – each player starting with that sum on their head.

Knock someone out and you win $5 of that bounty, while the other $5 is now added to your head. That means you’re a wanted player, a $15 Bounty on your head.

If someone takes you out, they win an immediate $7.50 and the other $7.50 gets added to their head.

And so it goes on, all the way to the deep stages of the tournament where Bounty payments can sometimes amount to more than the regular prizemoney!

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You can check out the full schedule here and if you’re looking for the PKO tournaments in the ACR lobby, keep your eyes peeled for the Bullseye target sign!


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