Poker Club Game Set To Launch on Xbox Series X and PS5

Ripstone Games have announced a next generation game that offers the most immersive poker experience yet on a computer. Poker Club will be released on PC and consoles such as PS5 and Xbox Series X later this year.

By: Mark Patrickson

Good News For Online Poker

Poker has often appeared in video games as a side activity. Players might move around a virtual world and come across an option to sit down and play poker. The card game might be nothing more than a distraction or possibly the chance to win in-game currency.

The real gold with this type of poker game is that it potentially attracts new players to the game. Everybody has heard of card games before but most people don’t realise the depth of strategy involved in many of them, and how interesting and fun they are to play.

The Texas Hold’em app on Facebook has become quite popular over the years but let’s face it, it isn’t pretty. Poker Club aims to change that by giving players an experience that isn’t so far removed from live poker.

With the latest graphics engines available this promises to be the most realistic poker game ever, and it will be a standalone product.

Players will be able to sign up to clubs, similar to the home game option on many major online platforms. This is a great starting point for friends to move onto real money poker if they develop interest in the game.

The developers promise to deliver:

“...a brand new premium poker experience for players on PC and console that focuses on bringing players together through Clubs, online tournaments and shared goals.”


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