Daniel Negreanu Loses $100,000 in WSOP Prop Bet

The final event of this years 2020 WSOP Online cost Daniel Negreanu $100,000 when Conor Drinan scooped gold and a sweet bracelet prop bet bonus from the Canadian star…

By: Andrew Burnett

Daniel’s traditional side action this year included a couple of huge money bets on who would or wouldn’t land WSOP gold, and Connor Drinan quickly snapped DNegs up for the max - $100k that he’d outkick Negreanu in the jewellery stakes.

Although Negreanu could boast six bracelets in total, with Drinan still to trouble the scorers, the fact that WSOP 2020 was to be played exclusively online favoured the 32-year old Chicago man. Earlier this year Drinan became the first player to land 5 SCOOP titles in a single series, showing his online MTT mastery.

However, with the final event kicking off last week and neither player having landed a victory, it looked like the prop bet would be a push – until Drinan woke up in the $10k Super Millions, survived the bubble and made it to the final table.

That had Negreanu rooting for his prop bet foe. Well, sort of..!

Whether it was the thought of a first WSOP gold, the $1.4million up top, or the desire to take money from Negreanu, Drinan incredibly managed to KO his final six opponents to lift the title.

Negreanu, despite the last-minute $100k hit, was among those to congratulate Drinan…


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