Phil Galfond To Investigate Mike Postle Cheating Allegations

The Mike Postle gang may have just picked on the wrong person – the recent Twitter storm created by Justin Kuraitis and Stones Gambling Hall bringing Phil Galfond into the Postlegate cheating scandal with a vow to investigate.

By: Andrew Burnett

Galfond has been spurred into action by the repeated claims by Kuraitis that neither he, Postle nor Stones were in any way responsible for the alleged cheating.

Stones’ tournament director and Twitter account Kuraitis released a lengthy statement this week and has followed it up with a barrage of tweets accusing the Twitter poker community of ‘rage, hate and violent threats.’

Galfond’s entrance into the Postlegate affair isn’t the first time a highly-respected professional poker player has been involved in the investigation.

Matt Berkey, Jonathan Little, Joey Ingram and many others have previously analysed Postle’s play, as well as the various ways in which Kuraitis or another employee might have helped Postle.

The RunItOnce owner, however, wants to take a slightly different approach to determining whether Postle did or did not cheat.

‘It seems people have focused on winrate, which helps but isn't the best way to prove guilt or innocence,’ explained Galfond.

‘What was his river bluff success rate?
How often did he make a big bet or raise vs the (near) nuts?
How often did he take aggressive action w/ a chop? (shout out @BartHanson)…’

Bart Hanson added some previously unanalysed new hands into the mix…

Kuraitis had been quick to refute Hanson’s analysis, though he has never offered his own analysis of the cheating claims, preferring instead to repeat mostly anonymous claims by Postle’s former paymasters at RounderLife magazine.

Galfond received the same treatment after he wrote: ‘Compare these stats, and a dozen others I can think of now, to averages & you will see an undeniably large difference if he could see the cards.’

Galfond added: ‘I realize that getting all hands transcribed isn't a simple task, but I'm sure we can accomplish it if someone organizes the effort.’

Kuraitis, believed to be behind the Stones Twitter account – a role he previously held – stated: ‘Imagine an entire community accusing a man of cheating, destroying his life, name, reputation and then publicly admitting they haven't even compiled the data yet. Don't stop until you hit +$100k in inflated winnings,’ referencing the number RounderLife believes is more correct, finishing: ‘I'm looking forward to your findings.’

With Galfond looking for helpers to compile the data of some 8000 hands, and Shaun Deeb talking about a crowdfunding effort to pay for the work involved…

...Stones and Kuraitis may yet unwittingly prove to be the downfall of Mike Postle.


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