GGNetwork to Launch “Flip” Tournaments

GGNetwork is poised to launch their newest poker format known as Flip Tournaments. The game will be recognisable to many players from other platforms as a totally skill less endeavour where players are forced to shove all-in on every hand until there is a winner.

By: Mark Patrickson

Sad State of Affairs

When the Spin & Go super fast three-handed tournaments were launched on PokerStars players complained that it was aimed at reducing a skilled player’s edge in order to protect recreational players.

All platforms had butchered the loyalty schemes claiming the industry was undergoing necessary change because of a lack of new blood and the regs taking money from the recs in too fast a time period.

In other words, Spins were aimed at pulling in plenty of rake while preventing good regs from winning their fair share.

The all-in every hand tournament is an abomination - the very worst of all gimmicks seen in online poker. Are GGNetwork really going to run these and charge rake for the privilege? We hope not.

This format does have some use when it comes to entertaining customers. Some platforms hand out tickets as a bonus where you have the chance to win a decent prize with some tension and excitement as you watch the tournament play out.

To quote the GGPoker website: 'The game is currently in the development stage'. No further details have been revealed by the network, other than a brief description of “fast games, faster prizes!”

We await more news on what the details will be and if GGNetwork will attempt to pass off this tournament format as real poker to unsuspecting players.

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