Phil Galfond Winning $60K vs Chance Kornuth After Week 2 of PLO challenge

Phil Galfond just can not seem to stop winning, his latest PLO Challenge match against Chance Kornuth seeing the RIO boss  streaking out to an early lead…

By: Andrew Burnett

Galfond has already toppled online beasts VeniVidi1993 and ActionFreak in his previous match-ups, as well as a mini-match victory over Dan 'Jungleman' Cates, and taken a $90k lead over Bill Perkins after two sessions of their challenge.

The battle against Chip Leader Coaching founder, Chance ‘ChancesCards’ Kornuth, is on paper a slightly easier proposition than the two online phenoms he conquered.

That is reflected in the sidebet, which sees Kornuth receiving 4:1 odds, his $250,000 against Galfond’s cool $1 million – the pair fighting it out over 35,000 hands of $100/$200 PLO.

The opening two days saw Galfond and Kornuth trade 5-figure blows, but day three was a big boost to Galfond’s morale, taking $67k over roughly 900 hands to pull ahead.

Kornuth, who described the challenge as “the biggest poker endeavor I’ve ever undertaken,” gamely battled back on day four, chopping $20k off his deficit.

That still left Phil up $58,500 at the end of the first week of sessions, roughly 10% of the way into the match. Plenty of time for Chance to turn that around, but Phil’s winning ways won’t be so easy to overcome.

Here are the day-by-day breakdowns of the Galfond - Kornuth match so far:

Day Hands Session winner Amount $
1 750   CK $33,500
2 850   PG  $45,000
3 900   PG  $67,000
4 750   CK  $20,000


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