Phil Mighall Wins Main Event on World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour has a new champion after Phillip Mighall took the crown in a thrilling content against Teun Mulder. The 2020 World Poker Tour: World Online Championships $10,300 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em main event offered a nail-biting finish, leading Mighall to scoop a top prize of $1,550,298. The Brit managed to defeat a pack of 1,011 players to claim his first WPT title.

Who Is Phil Mighall?

The Brighton-born poker player entered his first tournament in 2020, at the Whitsun Weekend in his hometown. Finishing third with a $1,524 prize in the £100 + 10 No-Limit Hold’em competition, he soon started attracting attention. After two years playing in UK poker competitions, Mighall graduated to world poker tournaments in 2012. A WSOP debut was followed by a World Poker Tour appearance in 2014. Mighall’s first notable success came when he finished third in the $1,150 No-Limit Hold’em main event at the Phamos Poker Series in Goliath, Las Vegas in 2015.

The World Poker Tour

The WPT has operated international poker tournaments since 2002 and consists of several tournaments and championships. The WPT World Online Championship consistently offers top-quality tournaments, including daily satellites, championship events, side-events and more. The five Champions Club events see the winners compete in the WPT Tournament of Champions.

How the Action Unfolded

Mighall’s appearance as the final table of nine saw him compete against some famous faces, including Damian Salas of Argentina, (the 2017 WSOP main event seventh-place finisher), Laszlo Molnar and Victor Simionato. Laszlo Molnar, Akseli Paalanen, and Bert Stevens were the first to fall, finishing ninth, eighth and seventh, respectively.

As the final six battled on, the 2016 European Poker Tour Dublin winner Dzmitry Urbanovich came unstuck when he was out flopped by Teun Mulder. Despite an early lead, Simionato was knocked out by Blaz Zerjav and finished fifth, who called on a straight. Zerjav was then eliminated himself, by Mighall’s pair of kings.

Salas took on Mighall himself in the following hands, and despite a commanding lead, he fell to Mighall’s surprising set of threes, leaving just Mighall and Teun Mulder remaining as the tournament headed to its conclusion.

The Final Two

Before the final two competitors duking it out, Mighall and Mulder agreed on a deal. It would see both finalists walk away as millionaires. Mighall had a 5:3 lead in chips as the tournament wore on. The action went back and forth as both Mulder and Mighall flipped the lad. When the final hand was dealt, Mulder raised to 3.5m on a pair of aces, with Mighall’s three-betting to 12.8m from the big blind. An eight of hearts on the turn completed a straight for Mighall, prompting the Briton to move all-in. Mulder needed a board pair on the river to stay in the game, but when a two of spades turned up, he fell short.

Teun Mulder walks away from the main event with $1.3m in prize money. However, the day belonged to Mighall, who picks up $1.5m as well as his very first World Poker Tour championship. Mighall also nets an additional $146,000 in cash, his name engraved on the WPT Mike Sexton Champions Cup and entry into the WPT Tournament of Champions.

Join the Action Yourself

Phil Mighall may be a World Poker Tour winner now but was not always the case. Everybody must start somewhere, and for many, that means testing the waters at online casinos and poker rooms. If you are on the hunt for somewhere to play, you can find some great Australian casinos here. By practising free play poker games and honing your skills, you may find yourself ready to enter the next online World Poker Tour.


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