Best Things to Do When Your Table is on a Break

Everyone has been in that situation when you are on a roll, with every pot going your way as you sun run your way towards a huge score, only for the hour mark to come and its five-minute break, which disrupts all your precious momentum.

In this article we look at the games and pastimes that will keep you on point so that when the poker action resumes you can continue in exactly the same manner you left off.

Do Not Skip Going to the Bathroom

One thing we must make clear is that breaks are there for a reason and that none of these distractions should be undertaken in place of heading for some much-needed bathroom time.

Luckily, there are some games that are ideal for being played on the white porcelain throne. Endless runner games are particularly well suited, with titles such as Subway Surfers and Sonic Dash doing just the job.

What do you like to start playing when the dealer calls a break?

Check Your Sports Scores

Long hours at the tables mean you can often lose track of how your favorite sports teams and franchises are getting on.

A break gives you the chance to review live scores on apps such as those provided by Bleacher Report, as well as taking a peek at a site like BetAmerica, reviews for which show it is the place to be for horse and greyhound racing.

You could even watch a whole race in time to be back at the felt for your first hand after the break

Sample a Craft Beer and Combine it With a Snack

Games and sports are all well and good, but none will sufficiently satisfy if you have a rampant thirst and hunger going on.

Because consuming alcohol while playing poker is usually fraught with danger for your stack, there are plenty of great alcohol-free craft beers that are super tasty. Combine one like BrewDog’s Nanny State or Athletic Brewing’s Run Wild IPA with a salty snack and you will be all set to try for another poker trophy.

Stretch it Out!

Whether you are seated in a casino card room or at home in your study, being stationary for hours on end takes a toll on the body.

Therefore five minutes is more than enough to get a little yoga workout done, such as the quick ones provided by many online yoga blogs and sites.


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