Global Poker Bounty Series Ready to Reward Headhunting Skills

Global Poker are all set to kick off their massive Bounty Series, a week-long extravaganza with huge guarantees and 66 headhunting tournaments split between their unique Gold Coin and Sweeps Coin…

By: Andrew Burnett

With 33 KO tournaments promising 200million in guaranteed Gold Coin (GC) and 500,000 in guarantees for the other 33 Sweeps Coin (SC) tournaments, Global Poker have joined the Bounty-hunting madness that has swept through online poker like a wildfire.

The premise is simple; when you KO a rival, you take their bounty, but it also increases the bounty on your own head! As Global Poker put it, ‘Who will be the hunter, and who will be the hunted?’

Of course, with half the prizefunds handed out in regular fashion, you can still bag a prize without being a dedicated headhunter, but those who hunt best, win biggest!

Massive Main Events with exclusive prizes

As with any series, the big attraction is the Main Event, and Global Poker have one for Gold Coins (with a monster GC 40million prizepool GTD) and one for Sweeps Coin players (a whopping SC100,000 GTD).

The big Bounty Series finales take place on Sunday October 11th at 5.30pm ET and not only is there a huge horde of Sweeps and Gold Coins up for grabs, but also some seriously cool and very exclusive merchandise.

If you find yourself in the money, be it winner, final table or even just a min. cash, you’ll have landed yourself some of the limited-edition GP Bounty Series merchandise, including hoodies, caps, T-shirts and pins.

Buy-ins, formats and GP Skull merchandise

Naturally, a week-long series isn’t only about the Main Event, and the build-up sees another 32 events in each of the SC and GC classifications.

That includes PKOs (Progressive KnockOut tournaments where the bounties build-up) and normal KOs and you’ll have a choice of deepstack, turbo, 6-max across a whole range of buy-ins, starting from GC 11,000 and SC 11.

The stunning Global Poker ‘Skull’ logo merchandise will also be a big draw here, with every tournament winner receiving a trophy, as well as exclusive Global Poker Bounty Series cap and enamel pin to show off.

Reach the final table and you’re rewarded the exclusive Global Poker Bounty Series enamel pin to prove your headhunting prowess.

So, the tl;dr runs like this…

Global Poker Bounty Series

  • Sunday October 4th to Sunday October 11th
  • 66 tournaments
  • 33 Gold Coin, 33 Sweeps Coin
  • GC 200million GTD and SC100,000 GTD
  • Exclusive GP Bounty merchandise
  • Main Events Sunday October 11th at 5.30pm ET

Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins – Global Poker’s Unique Currency

Gold Coins' or 'GC' are Global Poker’s virtual currency, which you can accumulate and play with, but they cannot be redeemed for real money or exchanged.

When purchasing Gold Coins, some players may be given free sweepstakes entries by way of Sweeps Coins.

'Sweeps Coins' or 'SC' can be used to play Sweeps Coins tournaments and ring games. Sweeps Coins won playing with Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for real money or other prizes.

Sweeps Coins cannot be purchased and are always available free of charge via one the many alternative methods of entry at Global Poker.


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