ACR Bite the Bullet with PKO Series Cancellation but $5million Venom PKO to go Ahead as Scheduled

Americas CardRoom have had to bite the bullet and cancel much of their latest MoMoMo PKO Series, the US-facing site admitting they had overestimated player interest in the Bounty-hunting format, but revealing the massive $1million and $5million GTD scheduled events this month would still run.

By: Andrew Burnett

In revealing their decision to cut the $50million GTD series short, ACR stated: ‘We could try to spin this, but we believe in transparency and honesty. The truth is that the series is performing well below our projected expectations and we just can’t sustain the huge overlays we’re having.’

Too big, too soon admit ACR

PKOs have become the go-to tournament game for many over the past few months, but ACR admitted they had jumped in foot first rather than dipping their toes in gently to test the PKO waters.

Sticking to their ‘push the envelope’ approach to giving players huge and innovative events over the past decade regardless of the cost to themselves, they explained the PKO setback.

‘Over the past decade, no other poker site has pushed the envelope as much as we have. In fact, the first dozen or so Million Dollar Sunday tourneys featured overlay after overlay—oftentimes hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth.

But with the MOMOMO PKO series, we decided to go too big, too soon. The PKO concept is brand-new to Americas Cardroom, so in hindsight we probably shouldn’t have hosted a series this big right away.'

What the players had to say

The public response to the announcement was much better than might be expected, most focusing on the PKO details rather than playing a blame game.

  • Appreciate the honesty. Make PKO’s part of your regular schedule though without the ridiculous guarantees. They are crazy fun!
  • Completely understandable from a business perspective and the transparency is much appreciated.
  • Thanks for the honesty. There’s too many PKOs around anyway. Back to regulars lfg!

Some went further and even memed up the anti-PKO sentiment for laughs…

…while many thought ACR could have just got rid of the guarantees and happily left the PKO fans to battle it out come what may rather than cancel much of the schedule.

“I think cancelling altogether is bad. Cancel them and lower the guarantees if overlay is your problem. The recreationals love these and since its not a form of "real poker" regs are complaining. You are making a small player base happy about this move I think,” tweeted Mark LaPiana.

ACR finished off their announcement with an apology.

“We know this is a bit disappointing to the players who have enjoyed the MOMOMO PKO so far. And we hope to roll out a series like this in the future. As previously mentioned, there is a silver lining in all this. We’re keeping the $1 million GTD events on the schedule — happening on Sunday, October 4th, 11th, and 18th.

What’s more, the $5 Million Venom PKO tournament (Day 1A on October 23rd) is still a go — and it promises to be the biggest Progressive Knockout tournament ever.”


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