Doug Polk Calls Out Daniel Negreanu For Definite Challenge Date

Doug Polk has resorted to the Twitter smokesignals route to get his latest shot against Daniel Negreanu delivered, apparently not having DNegs phone number to arrange their hotly-anticipated Grudge Match for Rollz!

By: Andrew Burnett

Polk may be “ready to fucking battle” in his words, but he needs his opponent to do his bit – and Negreanu not only wants the heads-up battle to be ‘legal’, but is clearly finding Polk’s sense of urgency amusing.

Kid Poker replied: “Well this tweet is awkward. You all riled up eh! You have been talking to Mori and Brent no? I have and they said they spoke with you. All that’s left is waiting on a final legal opinion to see what options are available. Nov 1st could work. Feel better?”

With that date less than a month away, DNegs may decide to get some practice in – highstakes HUNL not hexactly his forte, whereas it most certainly is Polk’s.

Polk has been hard at work taking on all-comers in advance of what will be the biggest grudge match of all time. The Upswing Poker guru – who is playing ACR head honcho Phil Nagy this week – has been at odds with the Canadian legend for several years.

The pair have decided to slug it out at stakes of $200/$400 online, with a 100BB auto top up, where the loser can quit at the halfway point.

That is rather unlikely to happen, and the stakes can be raised if both agree from then onwards.

It doesn’t look like the fans will be getting to see holecards, not from Negreanu’s side at least, although 3rd party streaming and commentary by Kane Kalas was mooted by Negreanu in a series of tweets designed to keep Polk from complaining again.

Negreanu and Polk may also have other things on their mind this week, both named as defendants in Mike Postle’s $330million defamation lawsuit.


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