Bill Perkins and Dan Bilzerian Claim Cheating in Highstakes Cash Games Despite JRB $400k Losses

Dan Bilzerian and Bill Perkins have all but accused highstakes host Jean-Robert Bellande of cheating in one of Vegas biggest cash games, claiming that JRB had 50% of two or more players action at the table…

By: Andrew Burnett

Bellande, who acts as host, organiser and player in some of the biggest games in the city, was upset that his so-called ‘friend’ Bilzerian called him a cheat

…and followed up with a screenshot of text messages between himself and the infamous Instagram playboy…

Bill Perkins joined in the attack on JRB without naming him, tweeting that, ‘More cheat drama Vegas home game...people playing in games that are cheat games immediately become suspect IMHO.’

He also ran a Twitter poll to gauge just how much support he had for his views that those running games ought to be upfront about their staking involvement…

The replies to that were quite surprising to many, well-known pros Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen and Mike Dentale not seeing it as a big deal, whereas Andreas Froehli took the opposite view.

“Imagine raking $, being a winner at the game and staking the other winners in the game and everyone being okay with it,” was Froehli’s take, but others still had called out Perkins for not naming the culprit specifically.

Danielle 'dmoongirl' Andersen batted the matter back and fro with Perkins: “As you said yourself, very small circle in Vegas HS crowd. You maybe didn’t directly accuse a specific individual but you may as well have. Hope your damaging words are based off more than just the hunch of a friend.”

Perkins described more of the ‘fucked up shit’, angry at the staking situation but stating there were no clear signs of cheating or collusion

Mike 'Timex' McDonald brought up some previous allegations and scandal involving many of the same players: ‘I think I speak for the whole poker community when I say we're all on the edge of our seats after how it played out last time!’

As many will recall, it was just earlier this year that both Perkins and Bilzerian called out Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates for ‘ghosting’ another account in a highstakes online game against them.

That led to Jungleman making a half-hearted apology, claiming: “I played very few hands against Bill Perkins, who sat in a game I understood was rampant with professionals who were ghosting. I thought since many on the site were using pros to play for them (which was clear by the uniquely high level of play) at the time it felt acceptable for me to be playing. Unfortunately Bill got caught in the crossfire and I'm very sorry for that.”


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