Doug Polk Back to Winning Ways as ACR Boss Phil Nagy Loses Heads-up Battle

It was not quite a Durrrr or Galfond Challenge match, and it was never going to attract the same attention as a Negreanu grudge match for rollz, but Doug Polk and ACR boss Phil Nagy still managed to put on a show for the fans…

By: Andrew Burnett

Polk has been practicing for his upcoming highstakes heads-up battle with DNegs, and a spot of $10/$20 against Nagy looked like being a chance to get back to winning ways. The Upswing Poker guru had previously been bemoaning his luck in a variety of lower-stake, taking-on-all-comers sessions.

Nagy, CEO of the Winning Poker Network that boasts ACR as its jewel in the crown, cranked up a TwitchTV  stream to see if he could keep Polk on the back foot.

His Twitch name Justsomefish72 didn’t bode well, however, and so it proved, with Nagy punting $7k or so in less than 90 minutes to the one-time lauded ‘world champ of HUNL’…

Polk, naturally, was a happy chappie, tweeting out the graphic turnaround in his fortunes…

…and with that long-awaited and much-anticipated battle with Negreanu just over 3 weeks away, the fans have another juicy match to look forward to.


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