Galfond Challenge Match on Hold as Chance Kornuth Runs into Deposit Limits Problem

Chance Kornuths tilt at RunItOnce boss Phil Galfond in the PLO Challenge series has been put on hold, a huge session loss seeing the challenger fall behind by more than $100k and run into deposit problems!

By: Andrew Burnett

The early sessions of the match had seen Phil get the better of things in a to-and-fro battle, but it was session 7 in the 35k hand highstakes battle at $100/$200 PLO that saw him land a crushing blow…

That forced Kornuth to dig into his pockets to reload, but site regulations made that difficult, an appeal by the challenger to do it ‘for the fans’ apparently falling on deaf – or slow – ears…

“Hey @WSOPcom and @888poker,” tweeted Kornuth, “@PhilGalfond busted my account today and we now have to put the challenge on hold due to deposit limits… Can you plz fix this ASAP!!!! #forthefans.”

Today’s tweet that the limits had forced a delay is hopefully only a temporary halt to the match, and the fans will soon be able to watch another highstakes bout on poker’s GTO commentator Henry Kilbane’s Twitch channel


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