Dan Bilzerian Claims Jean-Robert Bellande Knew Highstakes Poker Game Was Rigged

Round two of the latest highstakes scandal has seen Dan Bilzerian claim, in now-deleted tweet, that Jean-Robert Bellande knew a big money Vegas cash game was rigged, though Bill Perkins has apparently absolved JRB of wrongdoing…

By: Andrew Burnett

As we reported last week, Bellande was upset that Bilzerian had accused him of cheating, Blitz thought to be referring to JRB staking two or more players in the game.

The playboy poker amateur is a regular at games arranged by Bellande, and the story was blown wide open again this week when Eli Elezra stirred the pot…

Bill Perkins, who knows both men well, jumped in to reveal how angry Bilzerian was at the thought of being cheated by a friend, "Nah, he ain't never apologizing. New information came out that flip it to most likely cheated. Dan is friking livid...”

Perkins, the multi-millionaire, poker-loving amateur, added that JRB wasn’t under suspicion, by him at least, tweeting: ‘This is not to call JRB a cheat to clarify.’

That prompted a later Bellande thank you note on Twitter…

Bilzerian was far from convinced, though, as our opening tweet showed, stating: “The game isn’t clean and JRB knew 2 weeks prior.”

Then Brandon Cantu stepped in, pulling Perkins up about his ‘cryptic tweets’ and asking him to show and tell if he had details…

That was given short shrift by Perkins, telling Cantu: ‘Said Dan ain’t apologizing. He played, call him.’

Quite where that leaves the highstakes amateurs is unclear. Bilzerian seems convinced – as he was last time out, and rightly – that he’s being taken for a fool by someone.

That ‘someone’ in the previous scandal was the Jungleman, Dan Cates, who was ghosting the account of Sina Taleb, a rich amateur, on the FunOcean poker app.

Perkins was incensed at that situation too, though he at least received an apology of sorts from Jungleman, but it seems that the deep-pocketed duo are seen as rich pickings.


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