Doug Polk vs Christian Soto Heads Up Challenge Won't Happen.

Doug Polk is embroiled in yet another Twitter spat—this time with Christian Soto over a heads-up challenge that is not happening.

Polk is making a habit of picking fights lately. Only days ago he went on a verbal rampage and picked a fight with Matt Berkey. When people began to push back and call him a bully Soto was caught in the middle.

Playground Tactics

As is customary these days, Polk and Soto danced around the prospect of yet another heads-up match with plenty of playground insults thrown along the way. Now with the pair not being able to agree terms there is a social media shit storm going on over whose fault it is.

Polk repeatedly Soto a coward for refusing to play him after being invited to come and join him in a full ring cash game at stakes of $50/$100. This is kind of laughable to be fair.

Soto said: “I already told you we can play 50/100 live in the same games I’ve been in. You were radio silent. I know you want to play with real time charts to hold your hand, but many of us don’t play poker that way.”

Polk responded: “Live full ring? Last I checked men settle the score 1 on 1, but I can see why that isn't possible here. I would be happy to play 50/100 vs you. Just you though.”

Best Game

The Twitter crowd got quite worked up over Polk always insisting that people match him at his best game. While technically true, this is an unfair criticism. Heads-up for rolls is as old as the game itself.

Heads-up poker is also the best way to remove other factors from a match to make it as close to a pure test of skill as poker can ever give. Just because Polk happens to specialise in heads-up cash we shouldn’t throw that back at it.

As for joining Soto in a nine-handed game, what is that supposed to prove?

Maybe if this keeps on brewing on Twitter we’ll see some action between the pair once the Negreanu match is over and done with. Fingers crossed, because we like grudge matchs.


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