Betkings Are Kings of the Promos

Founded in 2015, Betkings are one of the newer sites in the industry. They eventually found their way to GGNetwork in 2017, showing how serious they are at becoming a major online poker platform.

By: Mark Patrickson

The games are as soft as you could wish for. Recreational players needn’t worry about being overly outclassed. NL hold’em or PLO, MTTs, sit & go’s, or cash. The choice is yours and it’s all there.

GGNetwork is famous for protecting their customers from predatory behaviour, so there is nothing to worry about if you are new to poker.


Let’s take a look through all the amazing promotions available on Betkings. There’s tons of great offers to give customers that extra bit of added value that every player looks for.

The $40,000,000 Bounty Hunter’s Series runs between October 11th-25th. Where else do you see that much cash guaranteed in this day and age? All with only 5% rake.

There is also a leaderboard on the side with an extra $100,000 up for grabs for the top 100 players of the month.

The jackpots on Betkings are fantastic. Every time you hit four of a kind or better―in both NL hold’em and PLO―you trigger the Big Hand Jackpot. Just make sure that you have committed at least 15 big blinds to the pot by the time you hit the big hand or you won’t trigger the jackpot.

All-In or Fold (AoF) is a unique game which can only be found at GGNetwork. The game is simple―it’s NL or PLO and you can only go all-in or fold. But there is also a tidy jackpot to keep your eye on for this variant too.

In NL use both your cards to make a straight flush and you trigger the jackpot. In PLO make a royal flush and it’s jackpot time. Check the details here.

Short deck players should keep an eye out for the flush jackpot. In case you didn’t know a flush outranks a full house in this new and exciting NL variant popularised in the Triton High Roller Series.

Amazing Leaderboards

If there’s one thing that can keep your chin up when the going has been tough lately it’s a leaderboard. You might be on a vicious downswing but the chance of winning big from a leaderboard is an incredible motivator.

There are two great $20,000 leaderboards for NL hold’em and Spin & Gold offering daily prizes up to $8,700 and $7,750 respectively. The standard Rush and cash game ladder hands over $33,000 every single day.

The short deck race will pay out as much as $230,000 during October. This is as generous as you will find in the online poker world.

Fish Buffet

All poker players who play at Betkings will automatically be taking advantage of the most exciting loyalty scheme in online poker today. The Fish buffet pays out as much as 60% cashback.

The scheme has recently been revamped to make it even more generous. All you need to do is collect enough points to spin the wheel and collect your bonus cash. Work your way up the rankings for increasingly bigger payouts. It couldn’t be simpler.

Check out the full description here.


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