Chance Kornuth Retakes the Lead in Galfond Challenge Match

Chance Kornuth retook the lead in the Galfond Challenge match after a stellar performance. The American pulled out all the stops to wrap the session $150,000 up. This puts him back in the lead by $33,000 after almost a full month of trailing Galfond.

By: Mark Patrickson

The Match Details

Stakes - $100/$200 PLO

Duration - 35k hands

Sidebet - $1m : $250k

Hands played - 6400

Long Way to Go

As you can see there is still a long way to go in this battle. We shouldn’t get too excited right now because we all saw what happened in the first match with VeniVidi1993. Galfond pulled it back from being almost one million euros down to secure victory by less than two thousand euros. But at least we can see this is a competitive match up.


The session didn’t start off well for Kornuth, with Galfond picking up a big pot at the start.

Hand One

Galfond opens 3x on the button and Kornuth three-bets to $1,800. Galfond calls.

The flop is a nasty Jd 8s 7d and both players check.

The turn is 9d, making the board even worse. Kornuth checks and Galfond bets pot. Kornuth calls.

The river is the Ks and Galfond bets pot once again and gets called.

Galfond shows Kc 2s Kd 4d for the second nut flush and picks up a $32,398 pot.

Hand Two

The session was now well underway with both players looking comfortable until this next hand gave Galfond a little wobble. Both commentators were also stunned.

Kornuth raises to 3x and Galfond three-bets to $1,800. Kornuth calls.

Flop comes Qs Jh 8c and Galfond bets ⅓ pot. Kornuth calls.

The turn is the 7h and Galfond bets ⅓ again. Kornuth raises to $7,800. Galfond calls, making a $21,598 pot.

The river is the Ac, changing the nuts to a KT straight from a T9 straight. Kornuth jams $15,753.

Galfond tanks now, with the commentators unsure what he could have. Rivered aces is one possibility but they don’t sound sure.

As they’re discussing, Galfond makes the call showing Ah 8h 6d Jc leaving the commentators almost speechless as they declare the pay off “light”.

The final pot was $53,104 setting chance Kornuth well on his way to a big winning session.

This big win for Kornuth makes the upcoming sessions very interesting. Can he capitalise on this momentum, or will the classy Phil Galfond dust himself off and return service to normal.


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