Top 5 Winning Poker Graph Brags

Everyone loves to see a sick graph and there are very few sicker than the five huge winners you are going to see today – ranging from single session $millions to beautifully consistent decade long grinds at the highest stakes.

By: Andrew Burnett

Isildur’s $6.5million monthly paycheck

Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom is the natural place to start when discussing the most amazing runs in highstakes online cash game poker.

The Swede blasted his way through the ranks as an anonymous teenager in the late noughties.

His first tilt at the nosebleed games on Full Tilt in October 2009 saw him quickly lose $1million, but within the month he had reversed that – topping out at $5.46million!

We’ll see how that money disappeared when we get to Brian Hastings bio, but from the graph above you can see that Blom – by this time outed as the man behind the Isildur1 account –  almost reproduced that amazing month in late 2012.

His 2009 battles featured this monster PLO pot against Phil Ivey, showing that $million swings could happen in seconds in the rail heaven days on Full Tilt.

Isildur1 flops kings full against Ivey for $1,127,955 pot

Phil Ivey’s pre-Black Friday FullTilt Feast

You can’t mention Phil Ivey and leave it with one huge losing hand of course. After all, nobody won more than the now 43-year old Californian in the online nosebleed cash games.

That’s four years and a total of $19,242,744 profit, working out at a massive $60 per hand for Ivey, and his own biggest single winning pot was a revenge of sorts against Isildur1

Ivey flushes out Blom to scoop $832,940 pot

The year 2009 on Full Tilt was the when the stakes were highest, the play as loose and free as you’ll ever see, and where fortunes were won and lost in single sessions.

Hastings takes Isildur to the cleaners

Tuesday December 8th 2009 is one of those dates that poker players don’t know, but most certainly now about. It’s the day that Isildur1 had his entire bankroll cleaned out by Brian Hastings.

Here’s how we reported it the following day: ‘It seemed to be another massive day for Isildur1, winning $471K from Jungleman12 at $100/$200 NLHE and $722K from Brian Townsend at $500/$1000 PLO. He stayed well in the green all throughout the period, even peaking as high as $2M, but things were about to change.

In steps Brian Hastings, and from then on Isildur1 seemed to fall into a bottomless pit. Over the course of the next 2858 hands, he lost an astounding $4.2 million dollars, and it was clear from the comments he made in the chat, that he thought he was caught in a parallel universe or something.’

That parallel universe was because Hastings had teamed up with Brian Townsend and Cole South to dissect Isildur’s hand histories – which they should never have had in the first place.

And that explains Hastings’ late 2009 graph…

The biggest pot he took being this one worth $682,995

Phil Galfond’s $8million upswing

A year prior to all the other impressive graphs, Phil 'OMGClayAiken' Galfond had already set a huge bar for anyone looking to impress the poker world.

That’s a monster $7million profit for Galfond, although it helps when you pick up kings in the big blind and flop a full house when you have the likes of Sami 'LarsLuzak' Kelopuro and Phil Ivey sniffing about for action at your table!

The Flying Finn builds a $12million wall

If you are sitting second on the all-time highstakes profit list, the chances are good that you have an impressive graph to show off. Patrik Antonius, however, has perhaps the sickest of all…

Three full years at $4million per annum puts the Flying Finn among the legends of the game, and he still boasts the record for the single biggest PLO pot of all time – a $1,356,947 monster against our old friend Viktor ‘Isildur1 Blom.…


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