Still Time to Claim Your Seat in the $5 Million Venom PKO

The $5 million Venom PKO Main Event is now well underway with Day1B already wrapped up. But don’t worry, because there’s still time for you to stake your claim for glory in this record-breaking event.

By: Mark Patrickson

There is now a five day break before the action kicks off again with two Day 1 starting flights still to come.

$5 Million Venom PKO Schedule

  • Day 1C: Friday, October 30th
  • Day 1D: Sunday, November 1st
  • Day 2: Monday, November 2nd
  • Day 3: Tuesday, November 3rd
  • *Final Table: Wednesday, November 4th

Satellite Your Way to a $1 Million+ Prize

ACR is the king of the satellites. Of that there is no doubt.

Every satellite format you’ve seen before can be found on the platform, as well as some new ideas such as the Blitz Cyclones.

In the build up to the final stages of the $5 Million Venom PKO ACR is running the Venom Fever satellite extravaganza right up until the final Day 1 flight begins on November 1st. Buy-ins range from $12 to $880 giving players of all bankrolls the chance to play for life changing money against world-class players.

If regular satellites aren’t your thing then take a look at the Venom PKO Blitz Step format. There are nine levels to grind through, with buy-ins ranging from $0.11 to $880. You can simply start at the beginning or wherever your bankroll allows if you value your time over getting in for cheap.

There are even On-Demand Skip tournaments where if you win you qualify up multiple steps rather than just moving into the one above.

The choice is endless and you really do stand a chance of qualifying into this $2,650 buy-in event for next to nothing.

Check out the schedule and all other relevant information here.

Why PKO Tournaments Are So Popular

Progressive knockout tournaments are probably the most fun variant out there right now. Players love the opportunity to win back their investment without even having to run deep enough to cash.

For those who are totally unfamiliar with the format: you collect a bounty whenever you knock another player out. You take half of what the bounty was and the other half goes onto your own head.

This means that you can win decent money without ever making the final table. It’s like an extra dynamic has been added to the game where players are aiming at winning prize money all the way through the tournament which takes away the natural frustration of getting knocked out early to a bad beat.

Well-known Twitch streamers and YouTubers Jeff Boski and Ryan Depaulo have been broadcasting their exploits to the poker community, showing their love for this fun tournament format.

Boski might not have been feeling the love so much after this particular hand though.

The bounties can actually add up to so much that if your strategy is good you can easily end up walking away with more prize money than the winner. Don’t underestimate how much fun these tournaments are.


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