Daniel Negreanu Bounces Back with $87,000 Win in Doug Polk Grudge Match

Daniel Negreanu reversed the early trend in his Grudge Match of the Century with Doug Polk, the Canadian poker legend booking a healthy $87k session win on day four of their highstakes battle…

By: Andrew Burnett

The duelling duo are playing to settle their long-running feud that dates back several years now, kicking off when Negreanu claimed he could beat $25/$50 online 6-max.

“I believe it would take two weeks of work and I would be a winner,” said Negreanu, offering to bet $1million, with Polk jumping into the debate and calling DNegs “naïve”.

What followed can be read here for all the glorious details of their subsequent verbal battles, but this past week it has been the battle on the tables that has enthralled the poker world.

Playing $200/$400 HUNL (Heads Up No Limit Hold’em) both men have deposited $1million on WSOP.com, the plan being to play at least 12,500 hands over two tables simultaneously, with another 12,500 if the loser at halfway wants it.

They kicked their fight off with a short live session that saw Negreanu win $117k, but Polk fought back as they turned to online poker, winning $218k.

Day three saw another Polk session victory, this time for just over $166,000, and pre-match fears that Negreanu would be steamrollered by his former world-best HUNL player seemed to be coming true.

That brings us to yesterday’s session, with Negreanu tweeting out his GG ambassador TV stream details and sharing his strategy: “My plan is to run hot in today’s session.”

That didn’t seem to be working out halfway through the predicted 400 hand session, Negreanu down about $80k with the commentators explaining that Polk seemed to be getting too many bluffs through with big river bets.

What came next though was unexpected, Negreanu having been on the receiving end of a few coolers himself but this time sparking a comeback with a pre-flop raising war that saw him produce kings against jacks for stacks.

♣ ♠ ♦ ♥

Negreanu: K♠ K♣
Polk: J♣ J♦

The flop only increased Polk’s woes…

Flop: 5♣ 3♣ 6♣

…and the turn and river bricked to give Negreanu a $95k pot, almost halving his day’s deficit in one fell swoop.

Turn: 3♥
River: 6♠

That was followed by another monster pot, this time Negreanu snapping off Polk’s river bluff shove, showing down a full house against Polk’s airball to scoop another $90k+ pot!

A $76k pot with big slick followed for DNegs as he turned around a dangerous-looking session, entering the final few hands with a huge lead, only to suffer a nasty bad beat courtesy of a runner-runner flush…

♣ ♠ ♦ ♥

Polk: 10♠ 10♥
Negreanu: J♣ J♠

Flop: 6♥ 5♠ 2♥
Turn: 3♥
River:  7♥

And that was that, a big win for DNegs to balance the books a bit, and Polk relieved that it wasn’t worse!

The pair are back again today (Friday) for another session, with the plan seeming to involve Monday, Wednesday and Friday sessions.

We will of course be bringing you all the best of the action from the Grudge Match of the Century, so remember to check in!


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