Grunka Lunka wins Global Poker's GPC Eagle 26-H: Main Event NLHE for SC23,131.20

Global Poker put on yet another big Sunday for their players with the SC 40,000 GTD Eagle Main Event and the SC 100,000 GTD Eagle Main Event HighRoller. 1186 players played across the 2 events which created a total prize pool of SC 170,800.


GPC Eagle 26-M: Main Event NLHE SC 40,000 Guaranteed [Deep]

1 Wisdomous SC9,075
2 LucysBudZ SC6,630.80
3 PrayforBusto SC4,888.40
4 SIRRRRR SC3,678.40
5 Aceontheway SC2,584.56
6 License2Punt SC2,057
7 Capt_jb SC1,573
8 LilyBaby SC1,089
9 PearlFarm SC750.20

GPC Eagle 26-H: Main Event NLHE SC 100,000 Guaranteed [Deep]

1 Grunka Lunka SC23,131.20
2 Moe.Ron SC16,558.40
3 PocketYerps SC12,513.60
4 Burnzie57 SC9,416.80
5 Mcree76 SC6,572.80
6 Skeaton728 SC5,308.80
7 Smokinandgrindin SC4,044.80
8 Flush2020 SC2,780.80
9 Cwonka1981 SC1,706.40


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