Doug Polk takes $100k from Daniel Negreanu to Regain Lead in Grudge Match

It was Doug Polks turn to display his bouncebackability qualities in the Grudge Match of the Century, taking his archrival Daniel Negreanu for close to $100k to regain the lead…

By: Andrew Burnett

Last week was all DNegs, as the 4-1 betting outsider reversed his early losses, taking 2 sessions for almost $300k to take the lead in the 12,500-hand match.

Playing $200/$400 HUNL, yesterday continued the seesaw battle, although it began with a quieter approach from both men – Negreanu picking up some tidy pots but no stacks, and this beautiful flopped quads hands…

The lead didn’t last long, however, as the duo finally got their stacks in on the flop below, Polk’s aces needing some help…

Negreanu: Q♥ 5♥
Polk: A♥ A♦

Flop: 5♠ K♠ Q♦

The turn bricked for Polk and he was down to a 10percenter…

Turn: 4♣

…but he was celebrating an $80,797 pot as the river counterfeited Negreanu’s two pair…

River: K♣

As Scottish highstakes pro Niall 'Firaldo87' Farrell said in the GGPoker commentary booth, “Daniel continues his run-bad in the all-in pots,” some estimates showing about -$200k of EV when the stacks go in.

♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

With Polk catching some seriously good river cards towards the end, as in the $48k hand below…

Polk: Q♠ 10♠
Board: 7♠ 8♣ 8♠ 6♣ 9♠

…the Upswing Poker boss pulled away for a $93k win, although it was one of the longest and most-evenly matched sessions so far in the match, now about 10% complete.

Polk is now up $67,625 over 2,374 hands and play will resume on Wednesday, 2.30pm PT, with further sessions this week scheduled for Thursday and Friday.


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