Doug Polk Refuses to Vlog During Daniel Negreanu Challenge

Doug Polk has been slated for not vlogging his experiences during the Daniel Negreanu grudge match. Shaun Deeb tweeted his surprise that neither player was having videos produced during the battle, considering how good their editing teams are.

By: Mark Patrickson

Patrick Leonard, partypoker amsbassdor, seemed to agree. He replied: “If both sides documented it all and made into a movie / documentary after its all finished, would be too Netflix doc.”

Polk grumbled about not wanting a production brew in his house during the COVID-19 pandemic, so it looks as if it won’t be coming later either, which is a shame.

It’s interesting to see Polk talk about studying all day when he isn’t playing. For a man who is only coming out of retirement  to settle this score he sure looks keen to make sure he doesn’t get shown up.

For now it’s a close fight with less than two buy-ins in it. Polk tweeted:

  • Session 6 Result: +$93,542.68 over 637 hands
  • Total: +$67,625.81 over 2,374 hands

We are almost 10% of the way through and its neck and neck. Was a much quieter session than normal today despite being a longer one.


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