Insane Preflop Strategy Bags Daniel Negreanu Another $23k in Doug Polk Grudge Match

Daniel Negreanus pre-flop strategy was described as insane by Doug Polk after the Canadian superstar extended his lead in the Grudge Match of the Century by another $23,000, with DNegs now up $179k overall.

By: Andrew Burnett

Despite a fast start to the highstakes HUNL battle on, Polk has been struggling to get to grips with Negreanu’s play over the last few sessions, a $222k loss on Wednesday reversing the Upswing Poker boss’ earlier gains.

Yesterday saw their 3rd session of the week, playing $200/$400 No Limit Hold’em across two tables online and Polk was the one who changed his game plan slightly, with a touch less aggression and fewer big bluffs.

That didn’t stop the big pots building completely of course, and first blood went to DNegs in the following hand…

♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

Negreanu: 9♠ J♠
Polk: Q♣ 10♥
Flop: 4♦ 2♦ Q♠
Turn: 4♠
River: 2♠

Polk’s value bet on the river was quickly called by DNegs, and the $48k pot was heading the Canadian’s way. Negreanu had his own share of ‘painful’ hands in the session, sharing on Twitter…

With the session almost over, and Negreanu up a couple of buy-ins, Polk dragged a little of it back with one final big pot.

DNegs turned the straight only to find Polk had turned the flush, the scary board limiting the river to check-check and the $48k pot was Polk’s…

♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

Negreanu: K♣ 10♣
Polk: 10♥ 7♥
Flop: Q♥ J♥ J♠
Turn: 9♥
River: Q♠

There was at least some good news for Polk, who has now lost 4 of the last 5 sessions to his archenemy…

The duo are back at it again today and we’ll bring you the best of the action here on HighstakesDB so remember to check in!


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