ACR Player hits $95k Diamond Jackpot at Live Dealer Blackjack Tables

It was jackpot time on Americas CardRoom this week as one lucky player not only bagged a $95,000 payout on a $1 sidebet, but also did it on his birthday!

By: Andrew Burnett

This time it was the Live Dealer Blackjack tables on ACR that hit the headlines rather than the US-facing site’s poker tables, with ‘MR2SALTY4YA’ enjoying an afternoon birthday bash session on November 16th.

The winning hand bagged the Diamond Jackpot of $95,000, ‘MR2SALTY4YA’ paying the $1 sidebet and watching as two seven diamonds faced off with the dealer’s 9, and then being hit by the perfect card – a third seven of diamonds!

The jackpot winner shared his winning moment in the Live chat with his dealer, Kimmy, and fellow player ‘cachades’.

Here’s the script…

♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

MrSalty: no fuking way
MrSalty: is this real
MrSalty: no way
cachades: What happened?
MrSalty: I won 95,000 dollars with 3 7’s
MrSalty: OMG
cachades: Did you bet it
MrSalty: yes
MrSalty: Today is my birthday too!!!!
cachades: Congratulations
cachades: Wow
MrSalty: This is insane
MrSalty: i cannot believe this
cachades: Nice win
MrSalty: I am sending you nice bottle of wine Kimmy!
MrSalty: Thank you
MrSalty: all 3 7 of diamonds too is pretty crazy

♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

Not only can Kimmy expect a bottle of wine, but the grateful jackpot winner also sent a $500 tip her way, and…promised to name his soon-to-be-born daughter after her!

ACR spokesperson Michael Harris said of the jackpot: “Here we go with more big payouts at the casino. We loved witnessing that big win and watching the live chat unfold at the tables when it happened. Congrats to our big winner on the well-deserved surprise.”

It’s far from the first huge payout at ACR’s Blackjack tables recently, one player named DR.HODL turning $1000 into $1.6million between August 10th through 31st.

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