Dream session sees Polk take $330,000 from Negreanu in Grudge Match

Yesterdays Grudge Match of the Century saw Doug Polk enjoying the kind of session you dream about, bagging more than $332k and opening up a massive $596k lead over his archenemy…

By: Andrew Burnett

The highstakes duel on WSOP.com had seen the pair pass the lead to and fro over the first couple of weeks, but this past week has seen Polk take a stranglehold on the match, Negreanu unable to match the aggression – and ‘luck’ – of the Upswing Poker guru…

♠ ♣ ♦ ♥

The first pot of any real note saw Polk tank-call on the river his pocket 8s good for $36k against Negreanu’s bluff – and the snowmen would  come back to haunt the GGPoker man near the end of the session.

Polk: 8♣ 8s
Negreanu: 6♣ 7d
Board: 4s 9♣ 10d A♣ 2♣

What followed included the downright ugly, the following hand costing Negreanu way more than a buy-in (amounting to $40k at the $200/$400k stakes) and a brutal bodyblow to the Canadian’s hopes of reversing the trend.

♠ ♣ ♦ ♥

Polk: 4♠ 6♠
Negreanu: K♣ A♠

Flop: 10♣ 6♥ J♠
Turn: Q♠

With Negreanu check-calling the pot-sized turn bet of Polk, having made his ace-high straight, there was already $37k in the middle and when the river fell…

River: 7♠

…DNegs snapped off the all-in only to receive the horrible runner-runner news.

As Polk stated in his tweet above, he could do no wrong: ‘Hit everything. Every hero call went right. Every big bluff got through. Every runout gave me the nuts. Every all in went my way. This was the kind of session you dream about.’

And the day was far from over, although we’ll limit Negreanu’s bad run to just one more hand, the last of the session on table 1 with the players all-in preflop with close to $80k in the middle…

♠ ♣ ♦ ♥

Polk: 8♦ 8♠
Negreanu: Q♠ Q♣
Board: 7♠ 5♥ 10♥ 9♦ 8♥

Negreanu, unsurprisingly, called it a day and is now trailing by almost $600,00015 buy-ins – as the pair approach the potentially midway stage of their match. After 12,500 hands are completed, the players losing can opt to finish the match, or continue for another 12,500 hands.

It certainly wasn’t all doom and gloom from Negreanu though, a timely reminder for all the fans that such huge swings are hardly unexpected in the highstakes poker world.

The Negreanu-Polk match resumes tomorrow, Monday 29th, and we’ll bring you all the best of the action right here.


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