Daniel Negreanu Bounces Back with $17k Win in Grudge Match

Daniel Negreanu rebounded from his recent big losses in the Grudge Match of the Century versus Doug Polk, ending an excellent session up $17k and earning the praise of his long-time foe…

By: Andrew Burnett

Last week saw Polk stretch out to a lead of almost $600,000 in the $200/$400 HUNL match currently taking place on WSOP.com.

With at least half of the match still to play – the loser at the 12,500-hand ‘halfway point can choose whether or not to continue – it was starting to look dangerous for Negreanu.

Session 13, however, saw DNegs come up with some new moves and a touch more aggression, but as he said afterwards, it was some extremely useful bullet-dodging by Polk that saved him a lot of money…

The pair traded early biggish pots, Negreanu’s ace good for $34k against Polk’s river bluff having missed his flush draw below…

Negreanu: A♠ Q♦
Polk: 7♠ 6♠

Flop: 3♠ 2♠ J♥
Turn: A♣
River: K♥

♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

It was pretty much one-way traffic for most of the two-hour session, Negreanu opening up a $100k lead on one of the brace of tables and extending that by another stack in the following hand…

Negreanu: A♦ K♦
Polk: J♣ Q♦

Flop: Q♥ 2♦ K♥
Turn: 7♦
River: 5♠

Negreanu overbet shoved on the river and Polk tanked before calling it off with 2nd pair – a scenario that would return in reverse to haunt the Canadian a short time later…

♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

Negreanu: 9♥ J♥
Polk: A♦ 7♦

Flop: 2♦ 9♠ 6♠
Turn: 4♦
River: A♣

Negreanu checked the river and Polk shoved $33k into the $53k pot, sending DNegs deep into the tank – getting great odds to call if Polk was on a busted flush bluff, but eventually calling and receiving the painful news.

That pretty much ended the battle of session 13, with Negreanu deciding to take his small win, and knowing that he had proved his competitiveness again.

Still down $578k, it doesn’t seem to be affecting the GGPoker ambassador’s lifestyle though!

The Grudge Match resumes on Wednesday and we’ll be bringing you all the best of the action, so be sure to check in.


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