VeniVidi1993 Crushes Highstakes PLO with $600k Year on PokerStars

Online crusher VeniVidi1993 may have hit the headlines this year with a close-but-no-cigar highstakes battle with Phil Galfond that cost him $150k, but the anonymous poker beast absolutely mauled the opposition on PokerStars – pocketing more than $600,000 profit!

By: Andrew Burnett

In case anyone was wondering whether a good living could still be made at the highest online stakes, outside of the massive Galfond PLO Challenge matches or the likes of Daniel Negreanu’s ongoing Grudge Match against Doug Polk, VeniVidi detailed his year’s play.

That included a massive $336,692 over just 3,656 hands at the $50/$100 PLO (Fast) tables on Stars, and close to $170k profit from non-headsup play…

Heads Up results Hands Profit
$50/$100 PLO (Fast) 3,656 $336,692
$50/$100 PLO 1,030 $29,034
$25/$50 PLO (Fast) 11,717 -$84,379
$25/$50 PLO 1,380 $81,903
$10/$20 PLO (Fast) 10,225 $71,229
  28,010 $435,277
Ring results Hands Profit
$200/$400 PLO 246 $29,250
$100/$200 PLO 64 $53,667
$50/$100 PLO 6,742 $32,739
$25/$50 PLO 11,169 $53,726
  18,221 $169,383
Total 46,231 $604,650

His fellow pros were quick to jump in with congratulations on his killer graph, Lex Veldhuis stating what everyone else was thinking…

…although the PLO crusher was quick to point out that not everything had gone his way.

“These are only the PS results, the other ones not as juicy as these. I play multiple networks and was pretty busy with the Phil challenge at the start of the year.”

That challenge was a brutal affair, a €100/€200 heads-up PLO battle that saw VeniVidi1993 stretch out to a €900,000 lead against the RunItOnce boss.

Galfond produced the comeback of the century to somehow squeak out a win in the 25k hand fight, rivering a full house on hand 24,926 to put him up €12,371.08 overall, meaning VV couldn’t catch him – the €100,000 sidebet going Galfond’s way.


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