Future of Online Poker in California

It has been a tough year for everyone, but with a vaccine on the way things are beginning to take a turn for the better. However, if 2020 has taught us anything it is that those businesses that are based online did have a huge advantage when it came to riding out the current medical emergency and did fair better than most brick and mortar-based businesses.

One industry that did suffer badly was the gambling industry, with casinos having to close their doors, bingo halls the same and poker players also had to take months off due to poker rooms also being forced to close for long periods of time.

Many U.S. States have of course legalized online and mobile gambling, and as such those gambling site operators that have been given the green light and the licenses required to operate in that environment did see an increase in the number of customers they had playing online.

According to Top10PokerSites.net which lists online poker California that poker players in California will already know that there are no state regulations yet in place throughout the State that permit poker site operators to operate there, and if there was ever a time when online gambling should be permitted it is right now.

As to whether the laws in California surrounding online gambling are likely to change any time soon, sadly it does not look like they will any time soon, but never say never as in the years to come regulators may change their views and eventually allow such sites to operate.

Case Studies of Other U.S. States

Some U.S. States have warmly embraced online gambling and have managed to build up in the short amount of time poker sites have been legally allowed to operate a brand-new industry, with many operators reporting huge and growing income levels.

That does of course mean that there is huge demand for such sites and considering the events of this year that steady income stream generated from online poker and online gambling sites has at the very least ensured those land-based gambling companies that do operate poker sites have had an income stream whilst their land-based brick and mortar venues have had to remain closed.

As for just which States have legalized online poker, well Nevada have of course done so, but that was bound to be the case, and other States that have managed to build an infrastructure to permit the licensing and regulation of online poker sites include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

West Virginia have recently legalized online poker, however, there has not been a huge take up of licenses, but that is expected to change soon, and it had been hoped that Michigan would have legalized online poker this year, but it is now looking much more likely that will happen but during 2021.

With many people worried about venturing out and much prefer staying at home due to recent events, the number of people willing to play poker online is likely to continue to grow, so more State Regulators may soon start to look at the benefits of allowing online poker.

Benefits Associated with Online Poker

There are three ways of looking at online poker when it comes to places like California. The first is from an operator’s point of view.

The costs associated with running an online poker site are nowhere near at high as the costs associated with operating a land-based poker room, and as such it is financially beneficial for operators to run such a site within State boundaries.

From a player’s point of view the ability to play poker from the comfort of their own home is appealing, much more so in the current climate.

Without having to make a trek to a land-based poker room, there are immediate cost savings associated with playing poker online, and many players will have been put off visiting a poker room in the past if they are new to the game or have not fully mastered playing, in fact online poker sites do allow players to play for free, thus allowing them to gain valuable playing experience too.

States can and do also immediately start to benefit from the taxable income stream generated by online poker sites as well, and if there is one thing all U.S. States need right now it is more cash flowing into their coffers.

However, it will be a long waiting game I suppose, until there is a time when California does decide to follow the lead of other States and finally make online poker a reality. 


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