New Sports Betting Team ODBMG2 Post $785k in Winning Bets

Veteran poker pros David ODB Baker and Mark Gregorich may remember 2020 a bit more fondly than most, having teamed up to claim major wins in year-long NFL sportsbetting contests offered by two separate Las Vegas casinos.

By: Haley Hintze

Baker’s and Gregorich’s joint team posted an outright win in the Las Vegas SuperContest offered by the Westgate Las Vegas, worth $435,623, then added a second-place tie in the even larger Circa Sports Million II contest, worth another $200,000. Both contests were year-long, money-line pick’em contests in which each time picked a money-line winner in five NFL games each week.

The Baker-Gregorich team, named ODBMG2, was in what amounted to a two-team race for the top prize in the Westgate contest against a bettor named Yugo77, and the Baker-Gregorich team went 3-2 in the final week to Yugo77’s 2-3 mark to close out a narrow win.

Over in the Circa contest, with a million-dollar first prize at stake, the Baker-Gregorich team had a chance for that huge payday but fell just short when the Seattle Seahawks won failed to cover the spread against the San Francisco 49ers in a game where the 49ers scored late, thus taking away Baker’s and Gregorich’s hopes for the huge double win.

ODB (which stands for “Original David Baker”) tweeted this about the great finishes:

Baker also tried to talk his way onto a couple of nationally syndicated sportsbetting shows in the wake of the big win:


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