Daniel Negreanu Pulls Back Another $28k in Grudge Match Against Doug Polk

It was another winning session for Daniel Negreanu, pocketing almost $28k in his bid to overcome a massive deficit in the Grudge Match of the Century versus Doug Polk…

By: Andrew Burnett

The GGPoker ambassador has now bagged four session wins on the trot, including all three since the duelling duo resumed their $200/$400 HUNL match in 2021.

At one point last month it looked as though Polk would break through the magic $1million marker, both players depositing that amount on WSOP.com and Negreanu having to top up another milly just in case.

Since then, however, DNegs has taken more than $350k from his arch-rival, although yesterday’s session 25 was another small one on the comeback trail.

The first stacking of the day saw Negreanu crack Polk’s aces, initially calling Polk’s 3-bet…

Polk: A♣ A♥
Negreanu: 5♦ Q♦

Flop: J♦ 4♣ 3♦

…and then happily calling off Polk’s triple barrel, the river almost ensuring he got the maximum out of the delicious turn card…

Turn: 10♦
River: A♠

♥ ♦ ♠ ♣

By the time they took a break, Negreanu was closing in on six-figure stacks on both tables, and although it wasn’t all one-way traffic, this next pot on table 2 made up for a buy-in going west on table 1…

Negreanu: 10♥ 10♣
Polk: 8♥ 8♠

All the chips went in on the flop as DNegs c-bet was met by a Polk shove…

Flop: 2♦ 5♥ 7♣
Turn: Q♥
River: K♥

…and that was an $83k pot winging its way to Negreanu. He added another full stack on table 2 when his pocket aces held up, but the ding-dong day’s battle saw him hand most of it back on the other table.

That’s pretty much how session 25 ended, Negreanu chopping almost $30k off his deficit and extending his ‘session wins’ over Polk to 14-11, although clearly the Upswing Poker boss has been landing the heavier blows.


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