Daniel Negreanu Hammers Doug Polk for $132k in Grudge Match Comeback

Daniel Negreanu bagged a monster win in his Grudge Match against Doug Polk, pulling back $132,648 as his comeback trail efforts brought his losses to under $500k for the first time since day 12 of their highstakes battle.

By: Andrew Burnett

Session 26 of their $200/$400 HUNL matchup on WSOP.com was the fifth straight win in a row for the GGPoker ambassador, an enthusiastic Negreanu posting the details to Twitter.

The Monday session saw Negreanu and Polk pass the 15,000-hand milestone, the Canadian legend having agreed on New Year’s Eve to continue the planned 25k hand fight.

That decision seems to be bearing fruit, as Negreanu once again got to grips with his opponent early in the day’s play, pocket aces and a pleasant turn card helping his cause…

♣ ♠ ♦ ♥

Negreanu: A♣ A♠
Polk: Q♣ K♥

Polk called the 4-bet preflop…

Flop: 7♦ 3♥ J♣

…then c-bet one third pot on the flop…

Turn: K♦

…and finally check-snapcalled Negreanu’s turn shove, the river bricking…

River: 2♣

and $85k winging across the table to DNegs…

It didn’t take long for Negreanu to stack his arch-rival for a second time, pocket pairs clashing with the money going in on the river…

♣ ♠ ♦ ♥

Negreanu: J♠ J♥
Polk: 8♥ 8♦

Flop: 6♣ 5♦ K♣
Turn: K♥
River: 7♠

♣ ♠ ♦ ♥

It wasn’t all one-way traffic through the 750-hand session across two tables, but unlike the earlier part of the match, this time it was Negreanu who was picking up the bigger pots.

The Canadian’s all-in EV figure that he tweeted out saw a big boost in the following incredible hand, a $90k pot brewing with Polk taking the lead on the flop, increasing it on the turn and then seeing a nasty river dash his dreams.

♣ ♠ ♦ ♥

Negreanu: K♦ 10♠
Polk: 9♣ 8♣

Flop: 10♣ 7♠ 5♣
Turn: 7♣
River: 7♦

Polk’s own Upswing Poker site described how the session went accurately, stating: “Everything went Daniel's way in this session and he booked a juicy win (his 5th in a row).”

Polk himself tweeted out the news that he’d lost close to $500k since his high point of the match, where Negreanu was forced to deposit another $million after coming close to losing his first chunk!

With less than 10,000 hands to play, the clever money is still on Polk to cut the losing streak and assert some dominance, but Negreanu has clearly improved his play dramatically over the two months since they began, meaning that may not be an easy task.


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