Sean ‘Seanell’ Connell Wins Global Poker MLK Weekend Scrimmage Title

It was a Martin Luther King special weekend on Global Poker, the US-facing site upping the guarantee of their flagship Sunday Scrimmage as the federal holiday to honour the civil rights activist brought the players out, or rather in, in droves.

By: Andrew Burnett

With a SC75,000 guarantee already 50% higher than the usual prizepool, some 497 entries made the final prizefund an incredible SC99,400. That meant there would be an unprecedented three 5-figure payouts for the podium places and 81 players in the money.

By the time the final table of nine was reached, Maryland’s Sean “Seanell” Connell was out front as chip leader, the only player with over 1million chips in front of him.

That lead had been lost, though only temporarily it would transpire, by the time “Leme1531” busted in sixth, running into pocket rockets but pocketing SC4,224.50 for an excellent deep run.

Leme1531: 10♥ A♠
Jaygatsb: A♦ A♥

Flop: 9♠ A♣ 5♥
Turn: 6♣
River: 4♦

Unfortunately for "Jaygatsb" that’s as far as they could go, falling in 5th for a big SC5,307 payday, and "NiceDonkey” would follow in 4th for SC7,554.

With SC10k sewn up, the final three were battling for almost double that up top, and when New Jersey’s “Roccoa3” fell in third it was heads-up between Connell and Michigan’s “Shotskee” for MLK Scrimmage glory.

♣ ♠ ♦ ♥

With a ton of outs on the river, it was the queen of hearts that carried the day for the poker player who helps host the Talking Global poker podcast, and that was good enough for a cracking SC18,637.50 payday…

Seanell: Q♣ J♣
Shotskee: 9♣ 8♠

Flop: 10♣ 3♣ 8♥
Turn: 3♠
River: Q♥

1 Seanell  SC18,637.50   
2 Shotskee  SC13,617.80   
3 Roccoa3  SC10,039.40   
4 NiceDonkey  SC7,554.40   
5 Jaygatsb  SC5,307.96   
6 Leme1531  SC4,224.50   
7 Larrybird83  SC3,230.50   
8 Tehpwnerer  SC2,236.50   
9 Okkkayyy  SC1,540.70

Earlier in the day the Sunday Teaser had started things off on the US-facing site with the unique currencies. Again busting the guarantee, the 289 entries were eventually whittled down to just two.

Georgia’s “USA_Soldier_Father” overcame the challenge of “Pitsmeout” to bag the top prize of SC5,577.70, his Washington DC opponent pocketing SC4,190.50 for the fine runner-up run.

1 USA_Soldier_Father  SC5,577.70   
2 Pitsmeout  SC4,190.50   
3 Dkoot  SC3,179   
4 Skat69  SC2,384.25   
5 FenrisWolf  SC1,647.30   
6 Ultimatefish  SC1,271.60   
7 Justin555  SC982.60   
8 PJ9  SC693.60   


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