Daniel Negreanu “Feels Like It Is Rigged” After Another $74k Loss To Doug Polk

Lady Luck, variance, online poker is rigged, call it what you will – but it had Daniel Negreanu fuming after he lost almost $74,000 in what his opponent Doug Polk called a super fucking lucky session

By: Andrew Burnett

Negreanu was trying to avoid a hattrick of losses that had halted his comeback in the Grudge Match of the Century against his long-time arch-rival. The cards, however, had other ideas, and by the end of a crazy day’s play he had this to say in the post-match interview:

“I’m not suggesting that the fucking software’s rigged, but man, it feels like it. It just doesn’t feel real, and I’ve been playing poker for- what am I, fucking 46? - I’ve been playing poker for 27, 28 years. This doesn’t feel possible. I know it is possible, and I know fucking variance is a thing. But it doesn’t feel possible. It just doesn’t feel fucking possible.”

Negreanu’s vocabulary received a better run-out than his big hands, with another of his legendary swear-fests: “I just kept getting those big cocksucking, fucking, motherfucking ace-king of spades…cock-fucking dickshit end up with dick-fucking-all…”

That’s the more publishable of his post-match comments, so let’s have a look at where it all went wrong for the GGPoker ambassador in session 29

It didn’t start badly for DNegs, winning some early pots and building up a 6-figure stack on table one, but that was soon wiped out in the following hand…

Negreanu: 10♥ 10♠
Polk: 6♥ 6♦

All the chips inevitably went in on a brutal, for Negreanu, flop…

Flop: 8♥ 7♠ 6♠

And Polk’s set held up as the board bricked for DNegs

Turn: Q♥
River: A♦

…and that was the first full stack of the day changing hands, although Negreanu took a $65k pot simultaneously on table 2, and then bluffed off $50k with air, and got paid off with his pocket jacks – all in the space of a few minutes!

Then we saw the first all-in pre-flop showdown of the day, with those very same fishhooks for DNegs…

♥ ♦ ♠ ♣

Negreanu: J♣ J♠
Polk: A♣ K♠

Flop: 9♠ 9♣ 7♦
Turn: A♦
River: 9♦

That was a $91k pot heading across to Polk, and with the Upswing Poker boss starting the day more than $600k ahead in the match, Negreanu needed to have more of these huge hands holding up. Lady Luck, variance, rigged..?

Whatever, another stack headed west when Negreanu shoved the river with Q6 on a Q turn board only to find Polk sitting with AQ, but then the perfect river saw him pull a stack back…

♥ ♦ ♠ ♣

Negreanu: Q♥ K♣
Polk: A♠ 10♠

Flop: K♥ 5♠ 7♥
Turn: Q♣
River: A♦

♥ ♦ ♠ ♣

And so the session went on, until finally Negreanu had had enough, and remarkably less than two buy-ins between them in what was easily the most eventful session of the match so far – “the most wild, sick, crazy, swingy session of the entire challenge,” according to Polk.

Polk now leads by just over $700,000 as the duelling pros enter the final third of the 25k-hands match. Negreanu will need that luck/variance/rigged factor to change quickly, however, if he hopes to mount a serious comeback.


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