Daniel Negreanu Books $46,000 Win as Doug Polk Changes Grudge Match Tactics

It was another winning day for Daniel Negreanu in his highstakes Grudge Match against Doug Polk, the GGPoker ambassador taking his Upswing Poker rival for $46,854 in a short and unusual session…

By: Andrew Burnett

Polk entered session 32 of their $200/$400 HUNL battle off the back of a match-record $390k loss at the end of last week, the massive reverse coming just days after he had broken through the $1million milestone.

It has been Polk’s aggression that has fuelled some of the biggest swings in the match, but this time that was turned on its head, the ‘former undisputed world number 1’ at online heads-up highstakes play bringing a pre-flop limping strategy to the tables.

It certainly had Negreanu confused, the Canadian poker legend later tweeting: ‘Weird one today as my opponent went into full lock down mode with the prevent defense. No longer backing up the truck, just putting it in park Study time. Need to figure out what this limping shit is all about.’

It also had the fans and armchair experts out in force, with many believing it’s a ‘safety first’ approach as Polk has huge side-bets running on the match that he wants to protect.

Whatever the reasoning behind it, it made for a much quieter day as Negreanu – who has been widely credited with ‘learning the ropes’ of highstakes HUNL very quickly to make the match competitive – trying to figure out a new approach to Polk’s changes.

The first big pot of the day, however, was a traditional pre-flop, 5-bet shove and call – and the duelling duo were off to the races for $104k

♥ ♦ ♠ ♣

Negreanu: 3♠ 3♣
Polk: K♠ A♣

Both men hit the flop hard, but when the turn queen appeared it was Negreanu’s pot…

Flop: 3♦ 4♣ A♦
Turn: Q♥
River: K♣

♥ ♦ ♠ ♣

Polk kept the game within acceptable limits for a man with a $600k or so lead, and it turned out to be the shortest session of the match since the opening day’s live bout in Vegas.

Daniel booked a win of just over a buy-in to top up last week’s pot of gold, but with just over 20% of the match remaining he’ll have to book one or two monster sessions if he hopes to win.


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