Doug Polk Smashes Daniel Negreanu for $210k as Grudge Match Close to Finish

Doug Polk ended a monster session yesterday with a whopping $210k win against Daniel Negreanu in their Grudge Match, once again coming within touching distance of a $1million profit…

By: Andrew Burnett

It was session 35 of their long-running highstakes feud, the $100/$200 HUNL battle for bragging rights and a ton of money being played out over two tables on

Polk has held the lead for almost the entire match, but at times it has looked like DNegs would pull it back to within striking distance, a $390k winning session 10 days ago the highlight for the GGPoker ambassador.

However, it has been all Polk for the last few days’ play and yesterday saw him land another big win, and it all started with a fairly standard pre-flop raising war and all-in…

♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

Polk: Q♠ Q♦
Negreanu: Q♣ A♦

Flop: 5♦ 5♠ 8♣
Turn: 8♠
River: 7♣

That first stack of the day was soon followed by the same on table two, with Polk producing a jack on a J 4 J flop to outgun Negreanu’s pocket 10s.

♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

It was clear Negreanu was chasing a high variance day, needing a massive turnaround in fortunes to have any hope of reeling Polk in, but the Upswing Poker guru has been running hot for almost the entire Grudge Match…

Polk: K♣ K♦
Negreanu: 9♠ 9♥

Flop: 4♦ 6♣ A♠
Turn: K♠
River: 4♠

It wasn’t all one-way traffic, with Negreanu recovering from being more than 5 buy-ins down at one point, helped by this $184k pot that saw Polk call off a huge turn shove and miss his flush draw…

♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

Polk: A♠ 10♠
Negreanu: J♦ A♣

Flop: 9♦ 5♠ 2♦
Turn: J♠
River: 5♣

Grabbing a lead proved much more elusive, however, despite continuing the battle for seven hours. In the end, it was Polk who once again pulled away and posted a $209k win for the day.

That leaves Polk ahead by $946,085 with only 1718 hands left to play, and the chances are it will be all over this week, the biggest question now being whether Daniel can keep his losses under the magic $1million mark.


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