‘ShashGosh’ Scoops Grizzly Games Title and Tournament of Champions Seat on Global Poker

The Grizzly Games got off to a cracking start at the weekend, and for Michigan’s ‘ShashGosh’ it was a SC11,271 score and a place in the Tournament of Champions after taking down the Sunday flagship tournament…

By: Andrew Burnett

The 4th edition of the hugely-popular Global Poker tournament series saw 292 entries for the SC55k GTD replacement for the usual Sunday Scrimmage, and that meant 45 players in the money and a 4-figure cash for anyone who made the final table.

Among the lucky nine who made it that far were some exquisitely named players, with ‘Alex Foxen’ (who may or may not have been the real deal highstakes pro) joined by Pennsylvania’s ‘PoisonIvybabyy’, and Illinois’ ‘CarolinaHardcoreExtacy’.

Only the latter of this trio would make the podium, however, and 3rd spot was worth an excellent SC6,424 to ‘CarolinaHardcoreExtacy’, leaving the heads-up battle for Grizzly Games champion bragging rights.

Tennessee’s ‘JANNCS’ provided the opposition to ‘ShashGosh’, and it eventually all came down to a single flop, both players hitting it hard but only one left standing…

1 ShashGosh  SC11,271.20   
2 JANNCS  SC8,468   
3 CarolinaHardcoreExtacy  SC6,424   
4 PoisonIvybabyy  SC4,818   
5 FishInABarrel  SC3,328.80   
6 Seanell  SC2,569.60   
7 Latherrinserepeat  SC1,985.60   
8 Alex Foxen SC1,401.60   
9 Jthornburg  SC1,051.20

The Grizzly Game on Global Poker offers every winner of the 103 championship events a spot in the series-ending Tournament of Champions.

Another of those seats was up for grabs earlier on Sunday when the Teaser replacement took centre stage, the SC25k GTD Deepstack event.

Pennsylvania’s ‘PoisonIvybabyy’ was in the money yet again, and another final table run added a bronze podium spot and SC3,300 to a fine days’ work.

Heads-up saw Nevada’s ‘HumblePie85’ overcome Massachusetts’ ‘NickeL9’, taking the ToC spot and a healthy SC5,790 to go with it.

1 HumblePie85  SC5,790   
2 NickeL9  SC4,350   
3 PoisonIvybabyy  SC3,300   
4 6betj7  SC2,475   
5 Makemsayuh  SC1,710   
6 Korbzz  SC1,320   
7 Turtle0587  SC1,020   
8 LucysBudZ  SC720   
9 Therealheisinberg  SC540

Running until February 28th, here’s the quick guide to Grizzly Games IV:

  • 103 Gold Coin trophy events
  • 103 Sweeps Coin trophy events
  • Over GC 500,000,000 guaranteed across the series!
  • Over SC 1,100,000 guaranteed across the series!
  • EXCLUSIVE, money-can’t-buy Global Poker Champion Packs


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