Bill Perkins To Play 9bb/100 Handicapped Heads Up Poker Challenge vs Landon Tice

Just because Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk have finished their highstakes feud Grudge Match doesn’t mean the headsup for rollz season is over, but it is Heads Up for Soulz that has Bill Perkins and Landon Tice preparing for battle!

By: Andrew Burnett

Bill Perkins is known to everyone in the poker world, the former hedge fund trader and enthusiastic amateur a regular at highstakes events and on poker Twitter.

Landon Tice, however, is a relative newcomer to the ‘scene’, the 21-year-old online grinder recently landing his first big live tournament win, picking up the MSPT DeepStack Extravaganza for $201,529 in November.

Tice revealed late last year how he went from playing $0.10/$0.20 NL hold’em cash games up to $50/$100 NL, studying intensely for a full year.

Tice told Joey Ingram. “I started at $50 NL. So, I built up the fundamentals, and I basically won 20 buy-ins at $50 NL in two weeks,” reportedly being backed by the likes of Matt Berkey and Andrew Lichtenberger.

With Perkins being strictly a rich amateur, Tice had to make the match-up appealing to the Thirst Lounge boss, and that amounted to a 9BB/100 head start, or $720,000, playing 20k hands of $200/$400 HUNL.

As was quickly pointed out on social media, Perkins took on the Galfond PLO Challenge in spring of last year, but after only two sessions and a $90k win for Galfond, that match seems to have all but been forgotten.

As for Tice, the young Florida pro can’t seem to get enough of poker just now, and is also set to take on Dusk Till Dawn boss Rob Yong in a challenge match.

That one will theoretically be shorter, and potentially more expensive, with Yong getting 15BB/100 to start with, although Yong feels even that isn’t close to how much of a dog he is…

It’s not the end of the potential challenge matches either, as English highstakes pro Charlie Carrel is also looking for takers, this one a prop bet that he can beat 500zoom.


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