Charlie Carrel Issues 500Zoom Challenge to the Entire Poker World

English highstakes pro Charlie Carrel has sent a challenge out to a poker world he says is full of toxicity, claiming that he can beat online poker 500zoom stakes and offering a lot of money to prove his point!

By: Andrew Burnett

The poker community has been awash in challenges since the coronavirus pandemic hit last year, and the likes of the Grudge Match between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk, and Phil Galfond’s PLO Challenge series have been a godsend to poker fans.

Carrell, however, has not always had the fans or fellow pros on his side, his unusual blend of sensitivity and spiritualism not often seen in the poker community.

However, for many it is seen as ‘hyper-sensitivity’, and it’s almost certain Doug Polk won’t be involved in any of Carrel’s bets, Polk long-since blocked by Carrel as the Grudge Match victor reminded everyone this week…

The Carrel-Polk feud came about after the English highstakes pro had tweeted that child molesters should be shown “more empathy and love” in order to prevent them acting on their desires.

It spiraled into another long-running sore, with Carrel threatening to sue Polk for defamation and Polk creating this hilarious fake legal letter…

Back to the here-and-now, and Carrel’s offer to crush 500zoom for big money, and he had to come up with some details before anyone was tempted to bite.

“Beating defined as winning over 50k hands. Betting 1:1 odds,” stated Carrel, adding: “I won't reply to people who I don't think are 1) trustworthy 2) respectful or 3) serious about betting the money. Given what's been said about me over the last 5 years, this should be good enough for many people.”

If you’re not sure what 500z is, then Twitter poker fan Marvin Javier worded it beautifully as “poker crack.”

“$500 zoom= $2.50/$5 NL. Zoom is just playing against a pool of players rather than just a single full ring game. Basically, you get dealt a hand immediately after folding and get sat at new table vs new opponents. Poker crack!”

Not that this was a dig at Carrel’s self-confessed rise from poor upbringings to drug dealing to poker $millions.

The 2plus2 forum soon had a thread devoted to Carrel’s prop bet offer, and Doug Polk’s erstwhile side-kick Thomas ‘SrslySirius’ Keeling was soon on the case.

“Charlie is frequently getting excited about new endeavors and then losing interest after a couple weeks. Anyone betting on this should get this escrowed,” he wrote, adding: “Also Charlie might get more action if he didn't block hundreds of potential bettors on Twitter.”

Meanwhile, Carrel is still to complete his ongoing bankroll challenge, now more than two years into his attempt to turn $50 into $10k, the balance currently sitting at about $1500. Whether he gets to combine the two bets is unclear.


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