Randy ‘Nanonoko’ Lew Announces Groundbreaking Software in WPN Battle Against the Bot Cheats

It’s time to battle the bots on the Winning Poker Network, a slew of new security updates groundbreaking in deterring bots and RTA on their sites according to Randy Nanonoko Lew…

By: Andrew Burnett

Legendary online pro Lew recently joined forces with America's CardRoom as a security consultant and gameplay expert, helping the biggest US-facing WPN skin fight the rise of technology used by cheaters.

Online cardrooms are, naturally, limited as to what they can reveal about their detection and suppression methods, Lew stating: “The technology that WPN invested in and created will be groundbreaking in deterring bots and RTA.”

Based on their proprietary graphics-based Security Initiative, the new solution to confusing the bots doesn’t rely on repeated updates, which force the bot-cheats to “re-tool” their own methods.

Instead, as Lew describes it, “Today, with the latest release, the pixelation changes whenever a player sits down at the table.That means there is no more waiting for an update from our end, and that means, for bot software, which works by understanding our graphics and modifying their software to work with it, are rendered useless." "It’s just one more thing we’re doing at ACR to keep bots at bay,” says Lew, who also stated in an interview: “I really just don’t see how bot-software will be able to counter this update.”

The fight against bots and other technology-based cheating in online poker has seen an “arms-race” over the past decade or so.

One famous PokerStars bot-ring revealed in 2015 saw $1.5 million won from regular players at the mid-stakes PLO tables, while last year we reported on RTA and bot-based cheating across several sites.

ACR have been at the forefront of attempts to rid the poker world of bots, boss Phil Nagy starting his campaign two years ago with a whistlestop TwitchTV tour  to explain his approach.

Nagy said at the time: "We won't stop. We are looking forward to finishing the battle we started against bots and the people behind them."

As for Randy “Nanonoko” Lew, the legendary online multi-tabler was brought in to give a human perspective to the fight against the bot cheats.

“I work very closely with the security team,” he stated recently, explaining: “They never played poker professionally like me so the way they see things will be different. When they investigate cases such as collusion and bot activity, they will do their analysis and then consult with me about their findings.”

Whether online poker sites will ever be truly ahead of the game when it comes to technology-based cheating is hard to imagine, but the recent WPN changes may well be an excellent new step forward in the struggle.


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