J_Bear Scoops Grizzly Games Main Event Gold on Global Poker

What’s in a name? Just ask Ohio poker player J_Bear, who scooped Grizzly Games gold on Global Poker, pocketing a bumper SC24,620 and a Tournament of Champions seat!

By: Andrew Burnett

The final Sunday of the massive online series featured huge guarantees and brought the players out in droves, the SC100k Grizzly Games Main Event attracting 682 entries from across the USA and Canada.

That meant 108 players would make the money, with a final table appearance being worth almost SC2,000 – Sweeps Coin being Global Poker’s unique currency, equivalent to real $.

The nine who contested the final table included players from as far afield as California, Georgia and Florida, with the first to fall being the delightfully-named Texan “StinkusWinkus”.

There was serious money on the table, with all three podium spots worth 5-figures, and although the likes of Mississippi’s “UberNoob” fell short of that in 6th, it was still a SC5,660 payday.

Ohio’s “PatTheMat” made it to third, where an SC13,299 cash awaited, and that left another Buckeye State regular to battle it out with Missouri’s “mem2487”.

A beautiful turn card saw “J_Bear” become the best-named Grizzly Games champion across its four iterations, and that was worth SC24,620, and a spot in the exclusive Tournament of Champions being held next weekend.

1 J_Bear SC24,620.20   
2 mem2487  SC17,732   
3 PatTheMat  SC13,299   
4 StayFocused420  SC9,957.20   
5 The Milkman SC7,024.60   
6 UberNoob  SC5,660.60   
7 Cwonka1981  SC4,296.60   
8 Crazyjay109  SC3,014.44   
9 StinkusWinkus  SC1,814.12


Earlier on Sunday, the mid-stakes Main Event was up and running with another whopping entry, some 580 players chasing the SC58,000 prizefund, with 5-figures up top yet again.

Three Californians made it to the final table, and although the trio all took home some decent money, they couldn’t make any headway towards the deepest end of the event.

The last two standing and battling for a share of the best part of SC20k were Ontario’s “Peachhh” and New Jersey’s “The_Liquidator” and it was the latter who took down the title and SC10,846.

1 The_Liquidator SC10,846
2 Peachhh  SC7,830   
3 Showtime1603  SC5,800   
4 Sharp_cheddah SC4,350   
5 DGENPhil  SC3,045   
6 Poseidon1730  SC2,465   
7 Stepyogameup415  SC1,885
8 RandomAfrican  SC1,305   
9 Makeemsayuhh  SC846.8 

As with all the winners from the 103 Championships events from the last three weeks of play, Sunday’s winning duo will compete with fellow champions for the ultimate Grizzly Games title – the Tournament of Champions. We’ll be sure to bring you the best of the action from that one next week.

In the meantime, check out what Global Poker has to offer here and good luck at the tables.


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