Benyamine wins $314k on $300/600 NL

David Benyamine have not played so much Texas Holdem NL this year after the big loss he had in the beginning of this year. But the latest weeks he have started to play more and more, and have been doing well on the NL tables we are observing.

Like yesterday, he played a very nice $300/600 session against jinsokkp (-$177k), The Riperian (-$131k) and Imper1um (-$59k). Then he lost some small pots against two other plays but his total profit in this session was +$314k, he played for 274 mins.

Here is the largest hands:

After this hand David was unstoppable, $87k pot
Largest hand yesterday, allin preflop, $154k pot
Both player hit a very nice flop, $133k pot
The last hand, overpair vs overpair, $128k pot

Grimstarr also had a very good day and on the 20 sessions we observed him in he was +$133

Top pair with top kicker, $82k pot



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