Erik Sagstrom is back in business

Alot of people have been asking where Erik Sagstrom have been the latest month because it was almost 4 month since we monitored him in a Full Tilt Poker session. We know that he have played some sessions on betfair and probably on some other sites. However, yesterday he was back in business on Full Tilt Poker, thats for sure.

He played three $100/200 HU sessions and won against players like YRWTHMELTHR, Urindanger, traheho and Finvarra. His total profit on these sessions was +$184k

Erik1223 beats Urindangers top pair with top kicker, $47k pot
Urindanger try to bluff Erik1223 but he makes a good call, $49k pot
What can you say? Erik1223 just had a perfect day of poker, $43k pot
Topset vs flushdraw, $50k pot

Hopefully Erik will give us some more nice action on Full Tilt Poker the following days!




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