YRWTHMELTHR wins $272k

This player has a very wierd nickname and alot of people have been wondering who he/she is. We have tried to find this out ourself but the only thing we have found is some results from smaller tournament and a thread on twoplustwo were people says he just played $2/4 for a couple of month ago.

Maybe he have grinded ALOT the latest months or maybe he is staked by someone, you never know with these new names who shows up on the highest tables ;)

However, yesterday he played alot of sessions and was doing very well, at the end of the day we had monitoring him in 13 sessions and had a total profit on $272k, here is the largest hands:

AA vs QQ, $87k pot
Both player flopped the flush, $107k pot
Largest hand yesterday, two pair vs another flush, $156k pot

Click here to see the complete results from yesterdays session on Full Tilt Poker: Click here!

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